Lancaster County

Good Samaritan

Scholarship Foundation

Award Process

The LCGSSF celebrates and encourages Lancaster County high school students to rise above their personal and financial challenges in order to help those in need.


The Scholarship was designed around the story of the Good Samaritan, though applicants are not required to have any specific religious affiliation. Applicants come from the four Lancaster County high schools and the Career Center in Lancaster County, SC.

1) Identifying, Evaluating, and Selecting the Candidates

Lancaster County area high school counselors, teachers and other faculty members may assist in identifying high school Juniors who have met the LCGSSF criteria for scholastic and humanitarian accomplishment. A Selection Committee, made up of LCGSSF Board members, interviews a select group of applicants before awarding the junior recipient. It is a deliberate consideration and evaluation process.

2) The Application Process

Applications are posted on the LCGSSF webpage and scholarship flyers are posted in the high schools and in the Career Center. Scholarship flyers make it easy to apply by connecting to the QR-code. Information is sent to the school advisory board members, guidance departments, and principals of each school. The link for the application will be posted on the school websites for students to apply for the scholarship online and the deadline is ALWAYS November 30th (regardless of the day) by 12 0'clock midnight. The Scholarship committee will meet and decide on the final applicants to come for an interview. A panel of six from the Scholarship Board will interview each of the finalists and one deserving recipient from each high school will be selected based on the designated requirements.

Traditionally, one JUNIOR is selected from each of the four Lancaster county high schools for a two or four-year scholarship based on the school of choice; however, the scholarship will not be awarded to a student by default. If there is only one student who applies at a particular school, he/she must meet all standards to be a recipient. The scholarship provides scholarship money for four to eight full SEMESTERS. The scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who has been accepted to college or a tech school and who has best exemplified a commitment of selfless service to others. There is no specific GPA requirement set by the LCGSSF.

The Application

3) Awarding the Good Samaritan Scholarship | Responsibilities of the Recipients:

The Good Samaritan Scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior, who was previously selected by the committee as a junior, who has been accepted to a college or Tech school and who has best exemplified a commitment to selfless service to others. The funds will be sent directly to the school of choice. It is a two/four-year scholarship awarded by semesters. Recipients are held accountable for maintaining a satisfactory GPA that is required for his/her academic eligibility and for continuing good deeds and service to others in their community. The scholarship will be required to maintain a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester and semester grades must be sent to Foundation for validation.


Here are the questions we are typically asked by students or teachers who find out about our scholarship:

What is the LCGSSF?

The LCGSSF is the  Lancaster County Good Samaritan Scholarship Foundation. It was founded in 2018 and it is a Tax Exempt organization that raises money for scholarships for students who exemplify the traits of the “Good Samaritan” by volunteering and helping others in need.

Who can apply for the scholarship?

The GSSF is unique because we select Juniors from the four Lancaster county high schools. Juniors who have demonstrated a history of giving back to the community, volunteering and helping others are the students targeted for this scholarship.

What is the GPA requirement?

This is also something very unique about our scholarship... The student does not have to have a specific GPA. The only academic requirement is that during the student’s senior year, he/she is accepted to the college or Technical school of choice and that he/she is accepted and maintains academic eligibility to continue receiving scholarship funds.

Where do I apply?

The Scholarship application is on our web page and the Guidance counselors can help you with the application process. LCGSSF School Advisory Board Members may assist you. ( AJ- Steve Knight, Buford-Abby Faulkenberry, ILHS- Tal Horton, LHS- Melina Oueini, PhD) There is also a link on your school’s web page for further information… Ask your Guidance counselors more about the scholarship. You must apply online and it must be sent in by the designated deadline. (November 30th- Midnight)

How much is the scholarship?

The current amount for the scholarship is $1000 /year. The money will be sent in increments of $500 to the school of your choice by semesters as long as you maintain your academic eligibility. We are working on additional benefits that will add value to the scholarship.

What is a mentor and how does that work?

The GSSF will match each recipient with a mentor, an adult who can help the student prepare for the college experience and for the workforce. The reasoning for selecting juniors is to give the student and the mentor time to develop a rapport that is genuine which builds trust for both parties. The mentor will have a background check and very specific guidelines will be followed for the pairing of student and mentor. Hopefully the mentor will have something uniquely in common with the student being mentored and a lasting bond and friendship will also develop.