Lancaster County

Good Samaritan

Scholarship Foundation

Mentoring Program

The LCGSSF celebrates and encourages Lancaster County high school students to rise above their personal and financial challenges in order to help those in need.

We are committed to matching Good Samaritan Scholars with Mentors who are leaders in our community, to encourage and help them reach their educational goals.

Our goal is to invest in those who invest in our community. Not only do we provide financial scholarships, we also provide a mentor for each student who is committed to “walk beside our recipient” through his/her entire college/tech school career.


The Mentoring Program Makes the Scholarship Special

One of the strengths of the scholarship is the mentoring program. Each JUNIOR recipient is matched with a carefully screened adult mentor to give him/her emotional support and advice throughout his/her two/four years of college or tech school. The mentor stays in contact with the student, monitoring his/her progress academically and as a Good Samaritan.

How the Mentoring Program Works:

Ongoing reports of each student’s progress are given to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee, who updates the Board. This scholarship is so much more than a check! It is a commitment by the board and the mentor to build a supportive and trusted friendship, to be there for the scholars, to boost their confidence, to help them with connections, to assist them in finding summer jobs, if possible, particularly internships, and to applaud each measure of growth they make. This can be a life-learning and life-changing two/four years for each recipient.

Mentor Screening is a Priority!

All Board members have been or will go through SAFE SANCTUARY training…. All Board members and mentors will have mandatory state and federal background checks to ensure a safe environment for all scholarship recipients. All Background checks for Board members and Mentors are processed through the Lancaster County School System.

* Finding jobs and internships is not guaranteed.