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Ninety year old Marion Taylor Passed away at the end of 2020 from complications of COVID-19. Marion came back to his hometown of Lancaster, SC in 2015 as an active 85-year-old. He was still involved in a chemical business he founded in 1975. Marion was a generous, socially conscious and gregarious individual with an interest in making new friends and contributing as much as he could to his community.

He joined Calvary Baptist Church of Lancaster, and started the Lancaster County Good Samaritan Scholarship Foundation. Taylor had started a similar, successful nonprofit scholarship foundation decades earlier in Atlanta. He wanted to help the students and business development of his hometown area by creating advanced educational opportunities for outstanding high school students of Lancaster and surrounding communities, with the intention of keeping local talent and quality employees in the area to maintain a strong workforce and focus on higher education here.

We will certainly miss Marion Taylor’s bright attitude and tenacity. The effort he put into starting this scholarship fund will be appreciated by future generations. Let’s work to carry on his mission with the scholarship fund by sharing Mr. Taylor’s story of success and determination, and encouraging friends and family to donate funds in memory of this jovial trailblazer, Marion Joe Taylor.

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